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What people say about Jim and his music...


I could write a full page on the positivities of Jim McGowan the musician… I could write a full paper on Jim as a person. He is without doubt one of the most talented, honest and humble people I have ever met. He will hold a crowd from all backgrounds, have them singing along to music from multiple genres, and most importantly they will all come back for more.


I booked Jim to play the middle set on St. Patricks day – when the first act couldn’t continue due to sound issues, he was there 20 minutes after I sent out the S.O.S message. The fact he performed for seven-plus hours with only a minimal break tells you everything you need to know about Jim.


We are very proud he calls the pub ‘home’ when he is in Minnesota.

Richard M.

The Dubliner Pub

Saint Paul, MN

For 12 years I produced a long-format talk and music show, The Roadhouse, which aired live on Fridays on WTIP Community Radio.

During that time, we had the pleasure of Jim McGowan joining us on the air at least a dozen times. He is fun and easy to talk with, and has an endless supply of delightful music, which he tailors to any occasion, whether it’s Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or what have you. One of our radio co-hosts dubbed him our “one-man house band!”


All of us at the station were sad when we learned Jim was moving to California—a big loss in our live music repertoire. Our loss is your customers’/listeners’ gain.

Annie P


Grand Marais, MN




Jim is not only a guest favorite, he's one of the resorts favorite performers as well. Whether it's by the fireplace in our old lodge or on our pebble beach with the lake as his backdrop, Jim always creates a certain vibe at the resort that is uniquely his. With complete sincerity I can say Jim is a true one of a kind artist and his performances are always portrayed with passion, but what makes them unique his how proud he is to really name the venue a part of his performance; it's not just another gig to Jim

Bryce C.

Lutsen Resort

Lutsen, MN




At our far, far north Minnesota summer and winter ski resort, Jim is easily one of our most engaging performers. His show includes contemporary and standard classics that draw in guests as they walk by our indoor or outdoor stage areas. After Jim’s shows, guests consistently ask me for his contact info and when the next show will be – and I can hardly wait for his next show too.

Dakota M

Mogul's Grille and Taproom

Lutsen, MN





Jim McGowan is one of the most engaging performers, storytellers, musicians, and songwriters I know.  I have had to the pleasure of seeing him perform numerous times before varied audiences and he is always well received.  He does the best rendition of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" that I have heard performed live.  Don't miss him if he is in your neck of the woods.

Dr. Mark Seeley

Meteorologist | Climatologist

Saint Paul




Jim knows how to keep a crowd entertained and engaged! He played live music various times at the Bluefin Grille and our guests loved it, often times returning just to see him play. He was easily a crowd (and employee) favorite from our live music lineup.

Tessa P.

Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts

Tofte, MN

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